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phpList and hebrew subjects

I started using phpList as an email tracking managment system, i wanted to send emails to clients on one of my projects.

I realized I’m facing a problem when i was trying to write an email with a subject using hebrew letters, when you save the email, it refreshes and shows the hebrew letters wrong and also would not send it correctly.

The solution i came up with, was to change the encoding of the admin panel.

The admin panel is configured to work with a pre-defined language that you choose at the main page, the default i had was english.

looking at /public_html/lists/admin/languages.php
at line: 13

"en" => array("English ","iso-8859-1","iso-8859-1, windows-1252 "),

I understood that when you choose english as the default language, it forces all the pages to work with iso-8859-1 instead of utf-8 that is needed for hebrew.

Hebrew is not supported in phplist and i didnt want to add a new row as hebrew, then it would look for hebrew langauge pack in /lan/ directory, so i decided to just change this line to support both hebrew and english with utf-8.

"en" => array("English ","utf-8","utf-8, windows-1255 "),

This solved the issue and now i can fully work with hebrew over phplist.

Adam Yohanan -

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  1. יחסי ציבור
    Apr 10, 2011

    Life saver!!! I was struggling with this for days!

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